IAFN Research Programme helps finance companies define their Servitisation journey

Posted on the 19th March 2020

At some stage, each firm in the asset, motor and fleet finance sectors will consider how it will respond to the changing shape of customer demand, the shift from product sales to pay-per-outcome and on-demand customer fulfilment, and with that the shift from traditional finance product sales to a more complex organisational and risk management approach.

Early adopters are likely to be captives and other finance companies closely integrated into the equipment supply process.  However, other finance companies still need to establish how they will respond, including early mover opportunities to partner with rental and service organisations in their selected asset sectors.

The emphasis on this latest research programme is to work with individual businesses to review and/or help define their own servitisation journey.  It will seek to establish the coherence of their approach, relevant strengths and weaknesses and help shape future programmes of development.  The programme also includes an executive workshop to explore relevant servitisation concepts with industry peers.

Complete your details to download the report and contact either Edward Peck, CEO of Asset Finance International on edwardpeck@assetfinanceinternational.com, +44 (0)7796 263380 or Peter Hunt on peter.hunt@growcap.co.uk, +44 (0)7952 118236 if this is of interest.