Expert support for FCA Motor Finance Compliance

Posted on the 27th August 2019

It’s 5 months since the publication of the FCA report on Motor Finance which highlighted a number of areas for ongoing concern including commission structures, lenders’ control on the processes of their introducers, the provision of information to customers, and adequate affordability assessment.

A number of lenders and dealer groups have been actively considering the report’s findings, including assessment of the viability of current business models and relationships.

Jo Davis, Partner at law firm Locke Lord and a recognised authority on motor finance regulatory compliance, has written a white paper on the report findings and useful summary guides for both funders and dealer groups. See the download link below to access the papers.

Many of the issues can be deep-seated in an organisation’s business model and psyche, requiring a holistic approach to their resolution. For example, conduct risk issues can be a function of negotiated funder commission structures, internal and dealer reward mechanisms, processes, a prevailing business culture, behaviours, training, and recruitment practices. Working in association with compliance experts, our specialist-led, multi-disciplinary approach is designed to assist funders and dealer groups authentically, systematically and sustainably overcome such challenges.

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Download the briefing papers

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