CheckVentory introduces managed service proposition

Posted on the 18th November 2019

CheckVentory is the award-winning, digital platform that enables secure stocking finance audits, anywhere, anytime by anyone, including robust dealer self-audit programmes.

Compared with traditional stock auditing practices, key benefits of using CheckVentory are:-

  • Vastly reduced per unit costs – as little as one seventh of previous levels
  • Cost-effective opportunity to increase audit frequency for improved risk control
  • Large audits including across multiple sites can be completed in a day¹
  • Efficiency and governance – quick, consistent, accurate results with actionable MI across markets and dealer groups. Exceptions can be managed with clear documentary evidence
  • Integration with DMS, auction systems and other data sources offers a complete view of stock movement and related operational risks
  • Better use of audit staff – able to focus on higher risks and exception management

CheckVentory have now developed a managed service solution to assist finance companies and dealers as they transition from or merge with legacy auditing arrangements.

This ongoing service provides best practice audit and controls, cost-effective use of audit staff and development of focused strategies for different risk scenarios.

¹See GrowCap / CheckVentory case study, 12000 assets, 37 dealerships, 1 day,

Download the brochure here