Growcap announces the first client for its new Partner Services proposition

Posted on the 3rd September 2017

Often the leaders in technology and data services aren’t experts in SME lending yet their products and services have the potential to transform how SME lenders operate, open up new market opportunities and deliver a step-change in their profitability.

Recognising this disjoint, Growcap has developed a range of market development services with a view to working with a small group of high quality, niche data and technology providers looking to grow their UK market presence.

The first to take up the new service is AMP Credit Technologies.  Founded in 2009, AMP is a financial technology company focused on highly automated lending solutions for banks and other financial institutions offering credit to small businesses.   The firm is a founding member of the G20’s SME Finance Forum and has been recognised within European FinTech’s “Top 100”.

Thomas DeLuca, CEO of AMP, makes the case.  “Growcap display a hands-on understanding of how our technology adds value to clients at a very practical level, where real business benefits can be demonstrated.  Working with Growcap gives us a great opportunity to grow our UK market presence”.

Through its modular system CAIROSTM, AMP offers SME lenders not just a highly flexible end-to-end operating platform, but also the ability to selectively integrate specific service improvements and cost saving technologies into their existing systems and processes.

Founder of Growcap Peter Hunt commented “A CAIROS implementation offers clear service improvements, efficiency gains and an early payback for SME lenders.  In price-driven markets it offers a competitive edge.  A key benefit is that lenders can keep their existing systems but still benefit from advanced digital technologies.”

For more information on Growcap Partner Services or our relationship with AMP please contact us using the form below…