How to digitise legacy front-office processes – the easy way…

Posted on the 3rd September 2017

Finance companies tend to compete on a relatively small number of variables – price, credit appetite, financial structures, market access (including relationships) and service levels.  Increasingly, competition in service levels is being driven by a firm’s digital capabilities – going paperless, using data and interfaces, e-signatures, straight-through processing, and so on.  The problem many firms face is where to start, and how to integrate these potentially game-changing advancements without replacing core legacy systems.

The answer may be CAIROSTM.  Short for “Credit Analysis Information & Risk Operations System”, it’s a modular platform designed by lenders for lenders.  Primarily a software house, the developers of CAIROS invested their own money to successfully lend over £40m at highly attractive RoEs, across three separate national markets – absolutely putting their money where their mouth is!

CAIROS can be deployed as a highly flexible, digitised end-to-end lending platform or – because of its modular nature and more relevant for lenders with an established lending platform – key areas of its functionality can be integrated into a firm’s existing operations, creating significant service gains and efficiency savings in areas such as front office processing.

Minimising disruption to existing operations, this can mean:-

  • Faster turnaround of proposals
  • Reduced information requests – increasing satisfaction and the flow of leads from customers and brokers
  • Digitisation and manipulation of data to enhance underwriting intelligence and feed directly into scorecards
  • Increased process auditability
  • Lower operating costs

At this early stage we’re looking to work with a small number of lenders on a no-cost, no-commitment basis to understand key pain points, map key processes and define a quantifiable business case for CAIROS adoption.

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