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Get the Locke Lord FCA technical summary

Following the publishing by the FCA of their final findings in relation to motor finance back in March 2019, the FCA have now released a Consultation Paper which sets out their draft plans to address their issues with commission models within the motor finance industry and to manage the rules…

18th November 2019
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CheckVentory introduces managed service proposition

CheckVentory is the award-winning, digital platform that enables secure stocking finance audits, anywhere, anytime by anyone, including robust dealer self-audit programmes. Compared with traditional stock auditing practices, key benefits of using CheckVentory are:- Vastly reduced per unit costs – as little as one seventh of previous levels Cost-effective opportunity to…

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FCA Consultation Paper – Hearing Your Views for a Sustainable Approach

In recent days lenders, brokers, and car retailers will all have taken time to review the latest FCA Motor Finance consultation paper issued on the 15th October, focusing on discretionary commission models and consumer credit commission disclosure. There were no real surprises, other than perhaps the tone was stronger than…

7th November 2019
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Expert support for FCA Motor Finance Compliance

It’s 5 months since the publication of the FCA report on Motor Finance which highlighted a number of areas for ongoing concern including commission structures, lenders’ control on the processes of their introducers, the provision of information to customers, and adequate affordability assessment. A number of lenders and dealer groups…

27th August 2019
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Are you a “Resilient”?

A recent study by McKinsey¹ identified specific characteristics and behaviours of companies who over-performed during the last downturn. Referred as “Resilients”, by the economic trough in 2009 earnings of these firms had grown by 10% while their industry peers had fallen by 15%. Moreover, they came out the recession quicker…

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hidden in plain sight
Performance improvement – hidden in plain sight

Process excellence is core to the performance of finance providers yet rarely gains the attention is deserves, being a hidden driver of competitive advantage, profit or avoidable costs.  Take our simple self-assessment to see how you fare.

10th June 2019
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AMP case study: Standard Chartered improve service “from days to minutes”

An area that causes difficulty in streamlining lending processes is the management of paperwork passed between parties then transformed and analysed. This type of complex process automation requires a combination of technologies to work in tandem. A clear example in SME lending markets is the manual collation and analysis of…

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CheckVentory case study: stock audit of 37 sites and 12000 assets in a day

Stock auditing of large dealer networks has historically been a resource-heavy, time-consuming activity, where data delays have resulted in information that is only indicatively useful and gives neither funder nor dealer the ability to respond to immediate risk issues. Robust self-audit using the CheckVentory cloud-based platform solves this problem. Data…

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Floorplan lenders should lend more, demand more, and pay less

We’re delighted to announce our partnership with CheckVentory, the intelligent stock auditing platform that allows floorplan lenders, vehicle and equipment suppliers to enhance their stock audits and controls. Why does this matter? Well, with almost 1 million audited assets on its platform, CheckVentory can provide important insights – for example,…

16th March 2019
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Are you wasting underwriter time?

Last week’s Leasing Foundation innovation event highlighted an ongoing issue for many finance providers that is being addressed by our technology partner AMP Credit Technologies. In most companies, when bank statements are required to assess a proposal they are usually emailed or uploaded as an attachment, printed manually then reviewed…

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