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Enterprise Finance Guarantee – what’s happening?

After the British Business Bank launched EFG for asset finance last year, things went quiet but that seems to be changing – and there are opportunities. With a government-backed guarantee of 75% of the outstanding balance (or the risk portion above a residual value figure, if you prefer), the economics can become very attractive and open up new market opportunities.

6th October 2017
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Turning paper into money – using data and digitisation to manage bank statements

Bank statements clog up the lending application process, cause inefficiency, re-work and poor turnaround times for lenders, mirrored by frustration for brokers and end customers. Leakage (the cost of lost business) resulting from bank statement processing is a significant, hidden loss of profit. We outline two ways to improve performance and profitability. 

6th October 2017
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New SME current account data: its transformative potential

If I could offer you higher volumes, enhanced underwriting, new income opportunities, higher productivity, an improved experience for customers and business partners, greater compliance and reduced default, you’d take it, wouldn’t you? Major banks are being forced to share SME current account data. Download the white paper here.

3rd September 2017
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Business Services & Advisory

We combine strategic consultancy with pragmatic operational delivery. We’re able to take a holistic view of what’s required to achieve your goals and have the skills to deliver them.

Our work tends to focus on significant growth or change initiatives, mostly in business finance (especially SME lending) where we have deep domain knowledge and strong connections across the sector.

You’ll see some of our current areas of activity reflected in the insight material we produce; and we’re always keen to have conversations and explore new areas.

Strategic and commercial analysis
New concept and market development
Acquisition and partnership support
Design of business and operating models
Change programme leadership
Interim management and troubleshooting

Data and technology
services partnering

We provide market development services to a small group of high quality, niche data and technology providers looking to grow their market presence.

These include relevant marketing support, early stage prospecting and qualified lead generation, overseeing pre-sales activities, research studies, surveys and white paper production. Our approach is issue-based and empathetic, with a clear focus on driving tangible benefits for the end-client.

The deep, ongoing nature of the relationship and understanding we develop with our partners limits their number but ensures that value is created for all parties.

Research Services

Market assessment and analysis, benchmarking and dedicated research activities to size and qualify the opportunity

Proposition shaping

With our partner, define target segments, their case for change and the scale of the commercial opportunity

Awareness and positioning

Issue-based, business-led content for outbound marketing, press coverage, white papers and events to stimulate relevant client dialogues


1:1 discussions based leading to a qualified opportunity, articulating a to-be picture and commercial business case

Pre-sales and close

Oversee, support and act as a trusted advisor to ensure the deal is closed and the programme of change delivers real benefit to the client


About GrowCap

We’re experienced professionals, strategic thinkers and relationship builders who enjoy working with kindred spirits, progressive, outcome-focused businesses. We’re thought-provoking, confident yet humble.

We’re strong proponents of the use of data and technology to enhance business performance.

We’d love to hear from you. We make important things happen, deliver on promises and nurture long-term relationships. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you as a client, business partner, colleague or investor.

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