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hidden in plain sight
Performance improvement – hidden in plain sight

Process excellence is core to the performance of finance providers yet rarely gains the attention is deserves, being a hidden driver of competitive advantage, profit or avoidable costs. Complete the form below and take our simple self-assessment to see how you fare.

10th June 2019
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AMP case study: Standard Chartered improve service “from days to minutes”

An area that causes difficulty in streamlining lending processes is the management of paperwork passed between parties then transformed and analysed. This type of complex process automation requires a combination of technologies to work in tandem. A clear example in SME lending markets is the manual collation and analysis of customer bank statements. Using AMP’s […]

10th June 2019
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CheckVentory case study: stock audit of 37 sites and 12000 assets in a day

Stock auditing of large dealer networks has historically been a resource-heavy, time-consuming activity, where data delays have resulted in information that is only indicatively useful and gives neither funder nor dealer the ability to respond to immediate risk issues. Robust self-audit using the CheckVentory cloud-based platform solves this problem. Data is quickly collected, consolidated and […]

10th June 2019
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Business Services & Advisory

We combine strategic consultancy with pragmatic operational delivery. We’re able to take a holistic view of what’s required to achieve your goals and have the skills to deliver them.

Our work tends to focus on significant growth or change initiatives, mostly in business finance (especially SME lending) where we have deep domain knowledge and strong connections across the sector.

You’ll see some of our current areas of activity reflected in the insight material we produce; and we’re always keen to have conversations and explore new areas.

Strategic and commercial analysis
New concept and market development
Acquisition and partnership support
Design of business and operating models
Change programme leadership
Interim management and troubleshooting

Front office automation

Transform the speed of your customer application processes, enhance customer service and reduce costs.  CAIROS web service technologies integrate with your existing systems, bringing early benefits and giving accelerated payback on your investment.

Extended CAIROS functionality is available as a modular loan origination and contract management system, ideal for firms looking to introduce a flexible range of new financial products.

CAIROS has been developed by AMP Credit Technologies, a founding member of the G20’s SME Finance Forum and nominated as one of European FinTech’s “Top 100”.

Watch the CAIROS video:-

Download CAIROS brochures

Watch the CheckVentory video:-

Download CheckVentory brochures

CheckVentory – intelligent floorplan auditing

The collaborative stock auditing platform that allows floorplan lenders, vehicle and equipment suppliers to reduce costs and radically enhance stock auditing

  • Vastly reduced per unit costs – as little as one seventh of previous levels
  • System controls and anti-fraud technologies support self-audit programmes
  • Quick, consistent, actionable MI across markets and dealer groups
  • Integration with DMS, auction systems and other data sources provides funders, manufacturers and dealers a complete view of stock movement
  • Exceptions managed with documentary evidence
  • Potential to increase audit frequency or manage remote sites at lower cost
  • Assists finance companies to grow dealer volumes

Data and technology
services partnering

We provide market development services to a small group of high quality, niche data and technology providers looking to grow their market presence.

These include relevant marketing support, early stage prospecting and qualified lead generation, overseeing pre-sales activities, research studies, surveys and white paper production. Our approach is issue-based and empathetic, with a clear focus on driving tangible benefits for the end-client.

The deep, ongoing nature of the relationship and understanding we develop with our partners limits their number but ensures that value is created for all parties.

Research Services

Market assessment and analysis, benchmarking and dedicated research activities to size and qualify the opportunity

Proposition shaping

With our partner, define target segments, their case for change and the scale of the commercial opportunity

Awareness and positioning

Issue-based, business-led content for outbound marketing, press coverage, white papers and events to stimulate relevant client dialogues


1:1 discussions based leading to a qualified opportunity, articulating a to-be picture and commercial business case

Pre-sales and close

Oversee, support and act as a trusted advisor to ensure the deal is closed and the programme of change delivers real benefit to the client


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